Product Care

Almost all the Estelle and Industry products supplied by Estelle are Electroplated, anodised and more recently, Lacquered.

NOTE: Lacquered products are EXTREMELY sensitive to chemical compromise.

All Estelle and Industry products should only be cleaned with warm water and a damp, soft cloth (microfiber) and, if necessary dried.

Caustic or aggressive cleaners as well as alkaline cleaners, cleaners containing chlorine, abrasives (e.g. steel wool) silicone or solvents should not be used.

Great care should be taken to ensure that chemicals, abrasives and detergents do not come in contact with the hardware. 

Estelle and Industry Shower Door Hinges are largely maintenance free. Should the intent be to use the hinges in other areas, such as swimming pools or highly frequented areas, we request that you speak with us first for technical clarification.

Should the hardware be damaged due to the use of chemicals, abrasives or detergents the hardware warranty will be voided.