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The Estelle brand was founded in 2002 by John O'Brien, a pioneer in the frameless shower screen industry.

With extensive experience in design, manufacturing, assembly, installation and sales, John developed innovative ideas that quickly became the industry norm. His passion for product development led him to collaborate with the CSIRO to study the effects of corrosion on popular metals.

The result was the launch of Estelle's exciting designs for shower screen hardware, which have been appreciated by architects, interior designers and discerning installers nationwide. Today, Estelle continues to lead the industry with its innovative range of fixtures, exotic finishes and new product lines.

Estelle was very helpful & extremely knowledgeable.
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Premium Frameless Glass Solutions


Estelle founder John O'brien enters the frameless shower screen industry.


John starts his own business and begins creating innovative solutions.


Estelle hardware enters the market under the new brand name: Estelle.


Introduction of the revolutionary Power Grab ensuring Estelle hinges will not allow glass doors to slip or drop out.


Launch of the premium line of hardware "The Statesman Series".


Introduction of the Belle sliding door system.


Estelle continues to innovate and expand its product line to bring cutting-edge shower screen solutions to customers.

Where premium quality meets innovative design